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Camping In Ladhak camp

    At the point when whatever is left of India is reeling under broad warmth of summers or overwhelming precipitation amid the storm and you have no other spot personality a top priority for your occasions, Ladakh is the ideal destination for you. Situated at a normal height of 11500 ft. above ocean level, Ladakh is the ideal getaway from the harsh warmth of the fields. Ladakh camp is dependably guest destinations where you can be sitting loosen up and quiet your uneasiness behind besides experience the creative ability of biodiversity and nature.

    When To Come

    Think camping in ladakh at the right place to go. Ladakh is open for traveler consistently, while the best period for visit and trek is from June to October. The greater part of the trekking courses are shut after November because of overwhelming snowfall at high goes with the exception of the Liker to Kahltsey (Sham) trek. The best period for Chadar trek is from January to Mid-March. It is conceivable to visit religious communities in winter, as there are numerous halfway warmed lodgings in Leh.


    Camping lovers to do Camping in Ladakh from last numerous years. Aside from normal magnificence the Ladakh camp comprises of numerous enterprise exercises.

    • Indoor Games Like Chess, Scrabble, Carrom and Many more
    • Day and Night Treks with a Guide
    • Open air Games like Cricket, Basketball, Throw ball, Volleyball and Badminton
    • Verdure and Fauna Identification
    • Knolls and Apple Orchards
    • Commando Rope Walk and Valley Crossing
    • Treasure Hunt and Village Dashing
    • Burma Bridge
    • Rock Climbing and Rappelling
    • Airplane terminal Transportation (Surcharge) Banquet Facilities
    • Excursion Lunches in the Forest
    • Grill
    • Compressed air firearm shooting
    • Coffeehouse

    Places to visit

    Pangong Lake

    This wonderful water repository is around 134 Km long and 60% of the lake falls under China. At an elevation of 14,270 ft. the reasonable blue water of the lake mirrors the towering mountains all around.

    Tso Moriri

    Arranged at a stature of 15,000 ft. Tso Moriri Lake is a new water lake not at all like the Pangong lake which has saline water.

    Royal Leh Palace

    Worked by King Sengge Namgyal in the seventeenth century the Royal Palace of Leh is a nine-story high structure which offers a terrific all-encompassing perspective of the town of Leh, Stok Kangri and the Indus waterway.v

    Things to carry

    Ensure you convey individual pharmaceuticals, electric light, creepy crawly anti-agents and different essentials You will be going to remote ranges where current comforts may not be accessible.

    If it's not too much trouble guarantee that the rechargeable batteries of your computerized cameras, camcorders are completely charged It can get extremely icy around evening time. It is fitting to convey a sweater, coat, monkey top, gloves and woolen socks.

    On the off chance that you are terrified of a movement, inform the camp pioneer regarding it. He will energize and propel you. We don't constrain individuals It might rain at whatever time. An umbrella or a light waterproof shell is prescribed Try not to leave wrappers and poly packs in woodland amid trekking and exercises.